Justin A. Mai

I've worked over thirty years in various audio engineering roles.  I've been fortunate to work in live music production as an A1 FOH engineer and have designed, managed and operated video production suites and recording studios alike.  I've taught University-level Audio Production courses and helped many people get started on the same path.

Like many, my journey began as a member of a failed band, and then another and so on.  During those trying days, I discovered my love for the production process and the technology associated with the music industry.  It didn't take long to realize there was more security "on the other side of the glass" so to speak and I dove into the world of Audio Production.

I've worked every level of live gig and in every role but I always settled back into a studio environment.  I've designed and built studios.  I spent a few years teaching Audio Production and even wrote a Curriculum for a State-wide Univeristy program. 

My preferred place is in the studio.  Helping artists realize their musical goals and sharing their art with the world has been nothing short of an amazing journey.

I currently reside in Boise, Idaho with my two daughters Hallie and Emma.  I look forward to meeting you all.


- Justin