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Editing & Mixing

You've written great music that should leave a genuine mark on your fans.  To make that a reality, your recorded tracks must be pristine and free of mistakes or technical issues.  

Common edits include (but are not limited to):

• Trimming heads and tails of recorded takes and noise removal

• Time-aligning (Quantizing) notes, phrases or entire takes

The final mix of your music brings a balance of composition, dynamics and performance creating the emotional impact that is your story.  

•Editing and Mixing services are available in-person and via remote sessions.

Mastering & Distribution

Mastering is the final stage of the production process.  For your music to come across as professional and commercial, the final mixes of your songs should at the very least be reviewed in context of eachother and adjusted to present as a single, cohesive work.  

• Not all final mixes end up needing to being mastered.

• Mastering services are available in-house or I can work with your choice of Mastering House.  I have worked with top-tier Mastering Engineers who are great to work with.  I'm happy to facilitate including them in your project if you wish.

JAMPROSOUND can handle your online distribution needs.  We hold a Label-Level account with Distrokid to maximize streams.

Pre-Production & RECORDING

I can help you plan your next project to ensure you're prepared for the process of recording in a studio setting.  Together, we can assess whether or not you and your songs are complete and ready for the studio. 

My goal is to provide a judgment-free environment to help you capture your music in an honest way, presenting it to your audience as you want it to sound.

• Solo Artists, Full Bands, Marketing Agencies, Film Producers, Voice-Overs and Game Developers are all welcome.

• JAMPROSOUND is one of few 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos-capable spaces in Idaho.  Contact me for additional information.